wild knigth jk

– Jaxson Kidman


She was untouchable. Until I got my hands on her… and got her pregnant.

I knew Priya long before I was hired to be her bodyguard. And by the time my job comes to an end, it’s too late – I’ve gotten too close to her.

A little distance keeps things at bay, but not for long. My new lucrative car restoration business attracts the attention of the Reaper’s Bastards MC and I find myself in the mood to act like a wild outlaw. But there’s a catch – I’ll help them if they help me find Priya.

When I get my hands on her again, we’re a family now. She gives birth to my son and life moves forward. Until the unthinkable happens. A shocking murder shakes our world to its core. Priya’s past is coming back not just to haunt, but to kill.
And the only way to survive is for me to become one of the bad guys…

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