Title: Charlottesville
Author: Joanne Sexton
An American Civil War Love Story

An American Civil War Love Story

Being a southern belle is hard enough, but it’s even harder if your perspective is at odds to those of

your parents and of the times. The Civil War swoops into the heart of the South, taking husbands,

beaus, and hope. No one dreams of being a widow, or of harbouring a fugitive, but Savannah never

was one to follow rules.

There should be shame in falling in love with a Yankee, the very symbol of how she lost her husband

and how the South has been disrupted and destroyed, but the heart is free despite being caught in a

cage. Love is as cruel as it is kind. Suffering two swift losses, husband and then Jed, Savannah lives

with the only thing left; hope.

Savannah hopes she can find him again, hopes he can find her, despite the carnage of war, despite

the desecration of law and order. A rebel never surrenders, and neither does Savannah.

Joanne Sexton is an Australian romance writer and mother of two. When she isn’t writing, Jo enjoys reading and floristry. Joanne previously wrote under the name Joanne Ellis. Rich Girl (formally known as Spoilt under Joanne Ellis) held the No. 1 position on Amazon’s Bestselling list in US and No.2 in the UK. It was considered a bestseller in a week.


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