The truth about Authors and Reviews

By anonymous


When you’re leaving a review for an Author there are several things you need to take in to account. One we love to hear feedback from readers, any readers not just those in our groups or who’ve reached out on our timelines in Facebook, Goodreads….etc. We even love constructive criticism, how else are we going to grow and reach our readers. Yes the story will still be ours, the story is ours, but we still want to take into consideration what you consider a good read and something that you as a group feel is important for you to enjoy a good book. Keep in mind, there is only one of you and many more readers. So that doesn’t always mean you’ll get your way. It just means we would love to hear your voice and possibly have a conversation with you and explain where we were upon writing it the way it was.


Do Authors like killing off characters…absolutely not, sometimes it’s because the Author needs something dramatic to happen to keep their series afloat. Sometimes it’s because you have a dead weight character that is keeping growth within the series from happening. We seriously don’t do it to punish you, even though as a reader, I’ve completely gotten onto my Author friends when they’ve killed off one of my characters. Unfortunately, sometimes it needs to happen and you understand the reasoning in another book where it plays a big part in the story line.


Now, let’s get back to reviews. What is the old adage we were told growing up? If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Unless you’re constructive and going to tell me why you feel that way, shame on you. I have seen some reviews that floor me. The book isn’t being attacked the Author is. Why? Are you threatened by said Author in one way or another, or possibly are you afraid this Author may get recognition that your favorite Author hasn’t. Guess what? It’s the name of the game. Certain books get recognized one month and another the next month. We all work hard, and believe it or not, we spend more than we make. We do this for you and because of our love of the story. Be considerate and be kind. If you don’t like it, don’t review it.


STREET TEAMS are now bash teams. And let me tell you, we Authors do NOT condone it or support it. We form our teams for support and a listening ear. For inspiration and input. We Authors in the indie world support each other, we don’t break each other down. At least the Authors I support and who support me. We are all disgusted by some of the horrible displays of childish behavior and high school antics.


Fair warning from most of the Authors I know and the ones who’ve discussed this with me, are ready to dismantle their street teams. We are ashamed by the tasteless way some of our groups have disguised themselves and written some nasty things on other Authors. Believe it or not, you’ve said some horrible things about friends of ours and we don’t appreciate it. Something I’m not sure you know, everyone who reviews leaves a distinguishing trade mark. You don’t realize you do it, but we all do.


Keep in mind, your Authors are keeping an eye on you, so when you’re kicked out of your Authors group that you think you’re helping by bashing another. Your Author is keeping tabs on you and waiting for the right time to bust you and kick you out.


I’m writing this anonymously because even though it’s been discussed, no one is in a hurry to say “hey I wrote this so it’s my team members I’m keeping an eye on.” Like we’re gonna let you know were watching you and waiting to see if you’re going  grow up at some point and let whatever vendetta you have go, or if you will figure out the correct way to support your Authors.


We all love our readers and we all love our friends we’ve made in our journeys. With that said, it doesn’t mean we’re willing to let our morals go. Please find yours and insert them into your reviews and be the encouraging and constructive people we know you can be. We love you each dearly, we don’t want to lose you, but we will.




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