Twist and Sadie don’t have a fairy tale love story, they have a true fight on their hands when it comes to love and trust. Both of them going through a battle of their own.
When Twist meets Sadie he’s conflicted, he feels a possession like he hasn’t felt in years. Twist isn’t a honorable man anymore, he lost that when his wife and daughter were murdered, and he’s the one to discover their bodies. That’s a trauma in itself, but it set him on a path that erected walls of not caring for anyone, not even himself.
Sadie is instantly attracted and has a feeling of safety upon meeting Twist. She knows this hard and troubled man would never let hard come to her and her unborn baby. She wants to tear down his walls and help him become the man she sees deep down in the depths of his soul.
Needless to say Sadie’s brother 2piece is not thrilled at this relationship blooming and has warned Twist away from his sister. Twist, knowing what lurks inside of himself is thinking real hard on taking his advice and hitting the road for good.
This love story is hit and miss, you get to see Twist demons and Sadie’s revelations. This book is a must read. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up! I recommend this book and series to anyone looking for a believable, feel like your there in the moment read. Way to go Sapphire!

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