This is an amazing journey of one sister Hope trying to follow leads to find her wayward missing sister Faith. Faith is a diamond in the ruff, she loves to party, but has worked hard to pay her way to college. Trying to make money stretch has found a roommate outside of the dorms, which turns out to be the worst mistake of her life. She turns up missing setting up turns of events leading Hope down the road of a two year journey of searching for her in hopes of a rescue. Hope doesn’t know for sure what’s happened to her sister, but she knows it isn’t good. Hope raised her two sisters Faith and Charity after her mother’s death leaving her sister/mother of the two young girls. To Hope, this means she’s the only one who will put Faith above any other case, or job. Her sisters are after all hers. Her leads land her in Florida and right in the lap of Cutter. President of the Kraken MC.


Cutter recently had to let the woman he loved go, he watched her walk away into the arms of the man she truly loved. Leaving him broken hearted, not wanting to travel that road again. That is until Hope storms her way into his office demanding he look at a photo of the last woman to see her sister before her disappearance.  He recognizes the woman of course, but won’t give Hope that answer. Instead he lies. But as the Prez he has a club to protect, and protect them above everything else he will.


This journey will lead them to the path of not only searching for Faith, but learning to love, trust and sharing, sharing a family with each other. This is a wonderfully written novel by AJ Downey, it is full of excitement, twist and turns and an HEA unlike any you would expect. I am counting down the days till the next book is released.




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