I am always amazed by Sapphire Knight, she has the ability to bring you into 9her world and you feel like your there living with her characters. This story didn’t disappoint and did the same thing for me.

Niko is a loyal, loving, protective and ask-no-questions man. He didn’t have the best start in life, leaving him searching for the missing family stolen from him. In this time, he met his best-friend/ boss, whom he learned to protect with his own life through training with the Russian Mafyia. Through his loyalty to him, he met another best-friend who snuck her way into his life, teaching him love amongst loyalty leaving his heart open to allow for others to come into his life. Secret is, his second best friend, also became the love of his life, but forces stood in the way not allowing him to pursue her as he dreamed and wished too. Only leaving him there to guide her and help her along the way in life, since she lived in the shadow of her evil sister and manipulative father.

Sabrina always loved Nico, but she couldn’t let it be known. She was to try and become the wife to someone with power and money to satisfy her fathers hunger for power and money. She was a prisoner in her own life, the only light in her life was her best-friend Blondie (Niko). She knew he could never know her feelings or return them in full. How could he, she was always in the shadows, being used and nothing compared to her evil sister and was the mistake of her parents and their extreme disappointment. She never felt comfortable in life, existing was all she felt she deserved and was born for, the round out sibling.

Through forces out of their control they are thrown together and forced to live with each other, each being tortured in their own way longing for the other. Keeping their love a secret from each other was hard and at times, they had to remind themselves of their friendship so they could keep the other in their lives.

Sabrina’s father and the one he promised her to are not going to let her go so easily however. And here is where the adventure begins, there are twist and turns, every time you think you have something figured out, you are wrong! The heartache and betrayal these two suffer as they search their minds and hearts will keep you on the edge of your seat. Joining in the journey of Nico and Sabrina’s journey of friendship and love will captivate and keep you glued to your seat.

Sapphire this was a 5 star book and adventure!


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