I was given this arc for an honest review by author, and I’m very excited to leave my review.

William and Margaret have a beautiful story that will have you glued to your seat in anticipation of what happens next.

William is known as the wild child of their small community, known for his renegade ways. Rich boy, whose family has a reputation for the way they cam into their money. He has a reputation as a lady’s man, never holding on to one longer than he wears a pair of socks before moving on to the next. That is, until Margaret literally walks into his path.

Margaret is a good girl, always wanting her parents approval at all cost. Her father’s approval and mother’s smile mean the world to this young girl, whose put off college to help the household run while her mother is fighting for her life. Never walked on the wrong side of the path her belief’s have been set for her until William literally runs into her.

This is a beautiful story of a couple whose lives change by meeting each other. Together they learn about love, loyalty and true friendships. They have to fight for their love through many ups and downs. War, fighting for life, and helping friends out of situations to help them discover their own love.

Their is a beautiful HEA at the end of the story, only thing is Jacqueline…please say your going to tell us about Vince and Tammy, that is an ending I didn’t get in this story that I would love to read. 5 star review for this new and very talented author. I am excited to see where this journey of the Steele family will be taking us.27235779


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