Unexpected Forfeit…by Author Sapphire Knight


In this story we are introduced to a world of fighting, not only for titles, but for love and freedom. Freedom from the past. In Chyna’s case she’s fighting abandonment issues with an ex who was more interested in drugs and his next high than the woman at his side fighting for him daily.

Through this ex-relationship she’s learned about dishonesty, cheating, lying and being used and abused. Not physically, but emotionally she’s damaged and doesn’t believe in love or relationships…at least not past one-night variety. She’s not looking for forever when she meets Jace, or in the MMA world known as ‘King’.

King—Jace, is just as damaged from his past…only not from a romantic relationship, but from parental relationships. A mom who only wants her son’s for what they can get her…she is an addict, and love isn’t anything she shares with her children. Jace has a brother, Jacob who’s evil to his core, uses his brother for funds and uses Jace’s love and loyalty to him against him for his wants and needs.

This couple is enamored with each other upon first sight…Chyna is King’s biggest supporter in the ring…where there he is the King. That is his world and he’s in charge there. She goes to his fights religiously, even not knowing him personally she is his biggest supporter. She likes to see before fight interviews and pick the biggest jerks and makes sure they’re not on her approved list of winners. Jace the ‘King’ is her dream. A dream she’s determined to keep just that. Only her best-friend is dating her best-friend, which means inevitably…they meet. When they do, she can’t get herself out of the fan fog, and has to bring herself back out, she is consistently getting lost in her day-dreams and meeting him hasn’t changed any of that.

‘King’ Jace, wants Chyna, at first just for a romp between the sheets, only a group weekend away lands these two into spending a lot of time alone. Their attraction turns to friendship, that when they get home leads to Jace realizing he will do anything to make Chyna his. Chyna also realizes that she’s his as well, and begs him not to abandon her as everyone else in her life has. That’s right, Chyna has been abandoned by everyone, including those who should love her the most.

This story reminds you love is worth the fight. Keep fighting for love with Jace and Chyna as we watch their romance bloom and they learn to trust, love and fight for what they want.

I have to say, MMA is not my genre….I know nothing on the subject, but Sapphire never made me feel that way. She makes you feel in the moment and as if you are an expert in the subject. Thank you for sharing the love of your husbands sport and introducing us to a world most of us know nothing about. Your way of genre knowledge astounds me…Thank you Sapphire. 5 star review and two thumbs up!


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