Battling Troy

Battling Troy picks up the story after Cyn’s book and after Gravel and Ethel’s Novella where they found happiness with each other.

Troy has been Meg’s best-friend since before her separation from Hunter and before Lo entered her life. This has always driven Gravel crazy, knowing that his Prez’s Ol’ lady was endangered from a man ‘claiming’ to be just her friend. Troy has never felt any way other than Brotherly toward Meg. So what happens when one night Troy meets a beautiful woman who has captured his attention, and he wants to actually call her, and get to know her.

For Troy the fact that a woman has caught his attention is a feeling foreign to him. He hasn’t felt that way in a long time…not since he was burned in the past. Then the next morning she’s gone, but he’s got a number and plans on using it.

Until he realizes…oh he’s spent the night with Gravel’s daughter Marley, and Gravel is ready to give him a new face. Curtesy of him. Trouble Troy doesn’t need with Gravel, but the discovery of why there was commotion he walked into has him concerned.

It figures that after all the years Marley has been absent from her father, she leaves his clubhouse after spending an amazing evening with a man she could only dream of.

Marley hasn’t had the best childhood, but not the worst. She had a mom and aunt, but nothing that consisted of a steady home life. She moved around without ever having a steady place to call home. On top of all of that, she has daddy issues. Mainly being, that daddy wasn’t there. At all, in her eyes she didn’t measure up to his club full of his brothers.

This is a love story that is very bumpy, full of surprises, and full of forgiveness, love and eventually some peace and sort of understanding. This is an amazing journey that Winter Travers takes you on, you also will take home a lesson learned that everything is not always as it seems or as it’s portrayed…Don’t ever judge a book by its cover…literally.

Winter Travers is an amazing Author, five stars and two thumbs on this wonderful journey of life. Be prepared to not want to leave this story, not even for a second! Thank you Winter for sharing your hard work and our new family that lies in your books with the characters you bring us in your books.


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