Wow….I have read every book written by this talented Author and this one left me with book drop. I wanted it to keep going. Ares is such a big strong man who is dedicated and loyal and also a hard man who puts up with nothing and has people running scared of him…I mean he is nicknamed the ‘Butcher’ for a reason. We fell in love with 2 Piece and Avery in their book as Avery fought her way into his heart. There are many sides to Avery, she is sweet, kind and loving. All of which 2 Piece is able to return, but she also has a kinky side which she craves to have fulfilled, enter Ares. What started off as a manage of sorts with a friendly ‘friend with benefits’ type of relationship with Ares joining them during their intimate part of the relationship when asked quickly begins a road of feelings for Ares.

He just doesn’t share that it’s not just Avery he’s fallen for…he’s also falling for her Ol’ man. He fears 2 Pieces reaction. This menage turns into a love triangle that soon becomes the most intense love story ever told. Ares is not a quitter and he wont stop until he has both the people he loves in his grip. Only there’s a problem another club wants Ares out of his position withing the club, and wants Avery or London as incentive that this will happen.

Ha, their crazy if they think the men of this MC will sit back and let their women become a bargaining chip. NO ONE takes or harms the women these guys love and protect. More than once Avery is in danger as these men try and hurt hurt and that is too many for 2 Piece and Ares. Revenge is on their minds, only one of them wants to do it logically where their will be no blow-back possibly coming back to haunt them and her or anyone else possibly being harmed and the other is a hot head who wants to take immediate action.

This book deserves 5 stars and I cannot wait until the next book is released. Sapphire as usual you have wowwed me. Congratulations on a amazing series and I hope you continue. I personally will be sad if it ends. I could never get tired of hearing about these characters. You’ve made them feel like family.


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